EI Microcircuits: AS9100D Certified Image

EI Microcircuits: AS9100D Certified

At EI Microcircuits, we’re committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards by achieving certifications that allow us to offer high-quality products to customers in a variety of industries. As you may have heard, we recently announced that we received the AS9100 Rev. D quality management standard, which is the most current standard for the Aircraft, Space and Defense Industry.

Keep reading to see why this certification is an added benefit for both us and our customers.

Expanding Product Offerings

Obtaining the AS9100D certification didn’t come as a surprise to us at EI Microcircuits. We’re established, and we know what to expect when it comes to meeting military and aerospace product standards. We have been working with customers in the aerospace and defense industry for quite some time. In fact, we’re proud to say that in 2017 alone, we assembled more than 43 different projects related to this industry, and we’re looking to use this certification to expand our customer knowledge and provide even more product offerings than we currently do.

We understand that there is a need for additional product offerings for a large portion of our current customer base, and the AS9100D certification allows us to meet this need. Customers can be confident that their product will be held to the highest of standards as we are already well-known for our medical assemblies (which is known to have the highest requirements compared to any other industry).


Committed to Meeting the Highest Standards                                                    

As a contract manufacturing company, we’re continually pushing ourselves to do more to advance ourselves. With our history, knowledge, and equipment, we have what it takes to create products that meet the highest standards. We can’t wait to use this certification to create amazing new products for current and future customers!

Want to know more about the AS9100D certification? Reach out to your EI Microcircuits sales rep so they can tell you everything you need to know. If you’re not sure who your sales rep is, click here to find out.