EI Microcircuits was incorporated in 1984. Our goal was to address a little-known technology that was to be the foundation for today’s miniaturization of electronics, known as surface mount technology, or SMT.

As an early adopter of SMT, few rules or production know-how were available at the time. We became an early pioneer in SMT pad and stencil design and one of the first EMS contractors to own and utilize robotic SMT placement machines.

Having now expanded to 3 manufacturing facilities with automated placement lines, solder robots and conformal coating lines, EI Microcircuits excels as a high mix, low-to-mid volume, technology driven EMS supplier. In addition, EI Microcircuits also offers value added services such as box-build, potting, warehousing & logistics, testing and much more.

After more than 30 years as a privately-owned family business, we continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, and people to maintain our place as a leader in contract manufacturing.



We believe..

..our employees are the heart of our business, and our customers are why we are in business. Therefore, at EI Microcircuits, creating the shortest connection between the two establishes a successful, efficient, long-lasting partnership unequaled in the EMS industry.

..that a quality product is the direct result of knowing our customers’ needs. The interaction between the customer and the employee who is responsible for its manufacture is the means to do this.

..acting professionally, understanding the facts, and striving for excellence are key hallmarks of our daily business life.


Vision & Mission

To be the premier provider of innovative solutions.

To focus on technology solutions allowing us to expand our reach across the nation.

EI Microcircuits will be the premier manufacturing solutions provider to our customers in order to invest in our employees, their families, and the communities in which we live and serve.

Customer-focused, family-oriented, ethical, driven, innovative





Bob Else founded EI Microcircuits in Mankato, MN to capitalize on the newest technology – the surface mounting of electrical components (SMT).


Built Corporate Headquarters with a Manufacturing Facility on Pohl Road in Mankato, MN.


Received ISO 9001 Certification


Expanded Corporate Headquarters and extended the Manufacturing Facility into a second building.


Received ISO 13485 Certification.


Set up Lead-Free manufacturing lines and processes.


Expanded our Corporate Headquarters again and added a third building onto our Manufacturing Facility.


Opened a second location Manufacturing Facility in St. Peter, MN.


Received the IPC Lead-Free Process Certification.


Were the first EMS to be awarded United Technologies Corporation’s Fire and Securities Supplier Gold Certification. Received second award Supplier Gold Certification in 2014.


Opened our third location Manufacturing Facility on Power Drive in Mankato, MN.


Celebrated our 30th anniversary!


Opened Ninja Circuits rapid prototype company and acquired Holmgren Associates to add to our current manufacturers’ rep group.


EI Microcircuits earns AS9100-D Certification (Aerospace & Defense).


We continue to be an innovative solutions provider to our customers.


Opened EI Sensor Technologies, offering Thermistors, RTDs and Probe Assemblies for temperature measurement and control. EI Sensor Website


"EI excels in responsiveness, support and flexibility."

EI excels in responsiveness, support and flexibility. I very much appreciate EI’s ability to adapt on the fly.

"Overall, EI does a great job in dealing with everything..."

Overall, EI does a great job in dealing with everything we throw at them.  They are responsive and understanding of us, even though it may not always be the most reasonable of requests.  As a buyer, I feel lucky to have a supplier that works with us like they do.

"The work EI does, makes my job easier."

I appreciate the work EI does most of all because it makes my job easier.

"We know that we are paying for the quality of work and ..."

EI is more expensive than the other circuit board manufacturers, but we know that we are paying for the quality of work and timely deliveries.

"A delightful company to work with."

A delightful company to work with. Could not have done it without your expertise.

"EI went above and beyond to help with engineering and s..."

Working on a project that had a board that was simply not manufacturable the way it was set up, EI went above and beyond to help with engineering and still met a very short deadline.