Style Guide


  • Heading 1 (h1) – 40px / 2.5em

  • Heading 2 (h2) – 36px / 2.25em

  • Heading 3 (h3) – 24px / 1.5em

  • Heading 4 (h4) – 20px / 1.25em

  • Heading 5 (h5) – 18px / 1.125em
  • Heading 6 (h6) – 16px / 1em


  • Home slider image – 2000px by 1200px
  • Home featured block image – 2000px by 850px
  • Banner image, interior – 2000px by 444px
  • Gridbox, featured image – 350px by 350px
  • Gridbox, slider image – 490px by 390px
  • Location image – Any square image, minimu of 350px by 350px preferred

Other Notes:

  • Grid Box Groups should be named the same as the page on which they appear so that links on the homepage link bar or as a featured block can be set correctly. For example, if a grid box group is created on the Industries page, it should also be named Industries.
  • To make use of the custom unordered list that has the gray circle and angled arrow, select the “Insert Global Content Block” icon in the editor and select “Custom Unordered List” from the dropdown. Check the “Insert full content (not the shortcode)” checkbox and click “Insert Content Block”.