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Medical Industry.


The medical industry comprises approximately 50% of EI Microcircuits’ business and is the longest tenured industry of our company’s history.  Our extensive expertise in quality and lot-control provide our medical customers with complete documentation packages and traceability for FDA and other regulatory bodies.  Our manufacturing and complete box-build program allows our customers to focus on their areas of expertise, leaving the building and testing to EI.  Cardiology, oxymetry, health and wellness, and vital organ monitoring are just some of the medical fields we provide for.

Industrial Controls Industry.

Industrial Controls

Industrial controls is a fast-paced industry which requires an assembly provider who can respond to your needs at a moment’s notice, implement ECO changes midproduction and provide accuracy and full documentation while still maintain your scheduling requirements. From oil refineries to large-scale machine controls, to power generation or hand-held computers, EI fulfills the need for this ever-changing technology sector.

Mission Critical Industry.

Mission Critical

Reliability and robustness are key elements of the mission-critical industry.  EI provides a sound process and trains its employees with a “do-it-right-the-first-time” emphasis and then backs this up with several testing and inspection options.  In-circuit testing, flying probe, burn-in, and specialized functional tests allow our customers to choose which test, or combination of tests, will give them confidence in the long-term viability of their product.  If hazardous operating conditions are a concern, EI’s fully-automated conformal coating lines can protect the product in whatever environment the product could be subjected to.

Agricultural/Automotive Industry

Agricultural / Automotive

The agriculture and automotive industries require thorough documentation and process analysis to meet the requirements of consistency and robustness the industry demands.  All products produced at EI Microcircuits undergo “New Product Evaluations” prior to production in order to ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness.  We provide for a wide variety of agricultural and automotive sectors, ranging from livestock processing and monitoring, to the highest technology farm implements, to automotive accessories and controls.

Avionics/Military Industry

Avionics / Military

With the ability to fine tune and “lock-down” a process and the production line it runs on, EI Microcircuits can meet or exceed the rigid standards of aircraft systems and military products.  With ITAR in place, you can be assured our process and documentation are both robust and secure.

Consumer products


Consumer products continue to increase in complexity, while at the same time decrease in size and footprint.  This requires the latest in assembly and inspection equipment as well as the engineering technology to design and process these products.  EI Microcircuits boasts over 20+ engineers in all facets of design and manufacturing and the latest equipment to process and inspect all component package sizes.   From digital audio to large-scale video, we cover a complete range of assembly and box-build products.