Capabilities Content


EI is a high-mix, low-to-mid volume, flexible manufacturer with the capability to build highly complex assemblies. We can process assemblies with the latest technologies. We produce both lead and RoHS Compliant assemblies.


  • 01001 Chip Components
  • Micro BGAs 0.3 mm Pitch
  • Package on Package / Part on Part (PoP)
  • Flex and Rigid Flex Assemblies
  • Vapor Phase or Convention Reflow Ovens


  • Robotic Selective Soldering
  • Wave Soldering
  • AOI Inspection
  • IPC-A-610 Certified Solderers and In-House Trainer


  • Optical and X-Ray Inspection
  • 3D Solder Paste Inspection
  • ICT, Functional and Flying Probe Testing
  • X-Ray Fluorescence

Automated Conformal Coating

  • 3 – Conformal coating machines w/ tilting heads and three modes of operation
  • 5 – Dispensing machines
  • 3 – Curing ovens
  • 1 – UV AOI (automated optical inspection)
  • Most of the benefits of potting but easier to work with
  • Offers more controlled coating thickness
  • More cost effective then batch processing
  • Less material used when spraying
  • Higher repeatability

Box Build

EI offers a wide range of box build services including full electromechanical assembly, installation of sub-assemblies and components, installation and routing of cables and wire harnesses and final product packaging.


EI offers premolding and overmolding of a wide variety of materials in house utilizing a 25 ton vertical injection molding machine.  Overmolding protects circuit boards from environmental concerns while allowing full color customization and streamlining the outer appearance of the finished product.  The overmold can incorporate company logos, approvals information and even graphics.


  • Automated high volume 2-part dispensing
  • Liquid potting compound used to completely enclose your assembly in its case
  • Potting gives resistance to shock and vibration
  • Potting helps with exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents