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At EI, we offer a complete range of prototype services to meet every customer’s needs. From quick turn, proof-of-concept to fully engineered pre-production evaluations, EI has the resources and experience to get the job done right.


Proof of Concept

Used for low volume, fast turnaround and build per customer documentation

One-Time Build

No quantity limits, engineering review as needed and build time as required

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Full engineering review and production documentation and 5 day turnaround time after receipt of material

Engineering Support

Knowledgeable design and electrical and project engineers on staff to help turn your ideas into reality. Offer DFM review to save time and money by designing and making the product right the first time.

Material Procurement

Use our purchasing power to reduce material costs and leverage our inventory of thousands of commonly used components

Types of Assemblies

Lead or RoHS Compliant, Flex or Rigid Flex PWB, ITAR and IPC Class I, II and III


  • 24 Hour
  • 48 Hour
  • 5 Day
  • 10 Day